The Purposeful Life

That we live in a world where people execute 22-year olds who are trying to make things better boggles my mind. But that is our world and I hope it changes. In the mean time a friend of mine brought to my attention a statement by the mother of that poor youngster saying that her beautiful daughter had led a purposeful life.

That got me thinking about the semantics involved in defining “purposeful” and the resolution I have achieved thus far is that each individual has to define the meaning for his or her self. Although foreign to my nature it is reasonable to consider a life of listening to Murray and Oprah while eating chips and fad dieting to be purposeful.

But not to me.

There is plenty of opportunity to do nothing in this life so why not stand against entropy and sloth and do something. Anything. That is, anything positive.

I teach my children the simple philosophy of “leave the earth a little better than you found it”. I think that if you start there you can do nothing other than lead a purposeful life.



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